Types of Sushi

There are several varieties of sushi you can order at sushi bars and restaurants or make in the comfort of your own kitchen. Sushi, translates to “vinegared rice” in Japanese. Sushi is usually a combination of fish and specially prepared rice for use in making sushi.
A few common types of sushi include:

Nigiri-zushi, slcies of raw fish placed on a finger of pressed sushi rice.

Maki-zushi, fish, shellfish, and vegetable combinations, rolled in a cylinder of rice wrapped in nori, a paper thin processed seaweed.

Inari-zushi, rice and filling stuffed into seasoned pouches of deep fried tofu

Chirashi-zushi, fish and other items mixed with sushi and served in an individual bowl.

Oshi-zushi – sushi ingredients are placed into a small wooden mold. Sushi rice covers the ingredients, tht top of the mold is pressed down to create individual sushi pieces.
Sashimi, while technically not sushi, is considered by many in North America to be sushi. Sashimi is raw thinly sliced stips of fish, served with rice on the side.

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