Sushi Ingredients

The ingredients in sushi are best when fresh and carefully prepared. The freshest ingredients properly prepared will have the right texture and flavors as well as exhibit the most vivid colors, an attribute of high quality sushi. Fresh ingredients will also insure the highest nutritional value.

Sushi grade fish and seafood are expected when making sushi. Talk to your local seafood department manager, visit a seafood specialty store or purchase fish from qualified seafood vendors online. A variety of fish and shellfish are used in sushi recipes. Most are not difficult to find with a little effort, although some will only be available depending on the time of year, when the fish are available for harvesting. Vegetables should be chosen for freshness, and other items such as wasabi and ginger for preparing wasabi paste and pickled ginger should be carefully selected.

Sushi often starts with rice, and rice suitable for using in sushi needs to be prepared a special way to achieve the right texture, flavor and stickiness. Japanese, white, short grain rice prepared with a dressing made of rice vinegar, sugar, and salt will produce the perfect rice for creating the best sushi.

Nori, the seaweed wrapper sushi rolls are held together with is produced in shiny green sheets approximately 7 inches by 8 inches. The seaweed is specially made for use in sushi preparation. Nori can be found in most grocery stores. Nori by itself has little flavor, but varies in quality. It is wise to seek out a good quality nori. Some sushi calls for a paper-thin Japanese omelette to replace the nori in some sushi roll dishes. These omelettes are prepared in a special square omelette pan.

If you plan carefully, you can create incredible sushi dishes with fresh ingredients found in your local grocer or specialty Asian store. If you seek out the best ingredients and prepare them carefully, you will enjoy delicious, mouthwatering sushi every time.

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