Serving Sushi

Sushi is very decorative in appearance and the possibilities for dazzling presentations are endless. Sushi served as an appetizer or an entrée can be a centerpiece to a truly enjoyable dining experience. Fresh, colorful ingredients prepared and presented on decorative plates and platters will captivate guests. Individual elements surrounding your sushi, such as napkins, chopsticks, and glassware can further enhance the overall display.
Fresh fish and colorful vegetables rolled, pressed, and sliced into sushi pieces show off the colors of the ingredients in remarkable fashion. While sushi recipes combine ingredients for wonderful flavors, many sushi roll combinations are truly striking in appearance and when carefully plated will showcase their artistic qualities. Choose the recipes you will make for both flavor and beauty.

A sushi platter, a decorative Japanese style serving platter that works well with the colors in your sushi dishes, or a plain white platter all will serve you well in your sushi presentation. Individual sushi plates are great for guests. These plates are small in size and perfect for individual pieces of sushi along with servings of wasabi and pickled ginger. Small dishes for holding soy sauce are a great touch. Sushi garnishes should reflect the season. Soup and salad side dishes should be served in individual lacquered bowls. Fresh fruit carved into decoratively cut pieces make the perfect dessert to a sushi meal.

Create a table setting that represents a traditional Japanese style-dining environment. Take care in providing stylish napkins, chopsticks, and glassware that add to an overall breathtaking presentation.

Sushi can be prepared in many different ways. Take a few minutes before selecting recipes to consider the appearance of your sushi dishes, the dishes and courses you will serve with your sushi and the beverages that will accompany the meal. Allow your creative instincts to create a sushi presentation and dining experience that will overwhelm the senses and leave guests in awe.

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